Hello friends and fellow music lovers, thanks for checking in. Here's the deal, plain and simple... no agents, no managers, no nonsense. If you are interested in working with Steve on your project just reach out and let him know!

Steve charges $50.00 per hour for production and engineering services.

To book a session with Steve, please email info@stevekravac.com.

Keep in mind that Steve can be booked several months in advance so we recommend booking at least 60 days in advance. However due to the nature of the music business sessions are sometimes cancelled or moved back, and shorter sessions can usually be accommodated.

Please contact us regarding your specific dates and we will do our best to make it work.

Terms of notice for cancellation of any booked sessions for which a deposit has been made are as follows:

Single day session: 48 hours in advance of the session.

Multiple day sessions: 48 hours in advance plus the number of days equal to the total sessions booked.

Failure to comply with the cancellation policies set forth may result in forfeiture of the deposit.

A fifty percent deposit is required to book a session. The balance of the invoice will be collected after completion of work.

If your session is being paid for by your label, please have them contact us with a purchase order to arrange payment for your sessions.

Thank You!