The centerpiece of Steve's Microphone collection is the beauty you see here, U67 #12887.

No matter what you are tracking, a great microphone is key to capturing a great performance and Steve has obtained that element in his own Neumann U67.

One of the most sought after transducers in recording history, #12887 was selected after auditioning many other 67's and is without a doubt the best sounding one he's ever heard... and he's listened to a lot of them!

All original including capsule and power supply, #12887 was part of a small batch of 200 made by Neumann in 1992 from all original old stock parts. The result is a completely original U67 with 30 years less wear and tear on it.

It is equally as happy on vocal, acoustic guitar, bass or as first class room mic.

This mic's incredible tone will add character and warmth to your recordings, and Steve has it!